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Volunteering In Ghana

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Travel and volunteer in Ghana! Located in the heart of west Africa, Ghana’s enchanting land boasts European castles, pristine beaches, fishing villages and a vibrant culture. Volunteers in Accra can get lost in the modernized capital city with its frenzied low-rise skyline full of exotic cuisine, waterfront views and surrounding villages. Volunteers can wonder through colorful markets, the National Museum, Independence Square, shopping malls, zoos, the National Theatre, the Osu Castle, the Shai Reserve and relax on beaches. Kumasi is known as the “Garden City” and the “heart beat” of Ghana due to its exotic and diverse plants. Kumasi features a famous central market, Tafo kumasi, Fort Kumasi (built by the British in 1896 to replace an Asante fort and now the Kumasi Hat Museum and the award-winning Kumasi Asante Kotoko soccer team. Regardless of what you are interested in, there is truly something for everybody.
Sadly, Ghana is plagued by a plethora of problems such as HIV/AIDS, other diseases, food shortages and a lack of education and resources. Therefore, time and dedication from motivated volunteers is significantly needed and appreciated by locals. Helping Abroad invites you to volunteer in Ghana to work in a variety of community development projects such as assisting orphanage homes, teaching English in schools, working in clinics/hospitals and promoting HIV/AIDS awareness. As a volunteer in Ghana, you will enrich the lives of others while exploring an enchanting and beautiful African country and its culture. Regardless of the project you choose, you will undoubtedly change the lives others while growing personally, professionally and emotionally. Your views of the world will be forever changed. Are you ready to go beyond your boundaries and explore Africa? Begin your Ghana journey today!

CHF GHANA is committed to providing the highest quality abroad services and programs. We accomplish this through an equal commitment to recruiting and retaining the best human resources by ensuring their welfare and motivation, and offering exciting and fulfilling experiences that result in efficient and effective volunteer work.

CHF GHANA assists rural and urban communities by providing support and services in such areas as education, health, and the environment, as well as help in times of natural or man-made disaster. CHF GHANA enables volunteers through motivation, encouragement, and support to initiate and implement projects for communities in need.

Our Services

Image 1 Cultural STUDY TOUR 2014 / WorkshopsWe organize Study Tour for students or workers who are looking for a Gap Year and Vacation Trip.
Image 2 Festivals in Ghana Ghana has the best festival in Africa
Image 3 Fund Raising Ideas We can help to you to raise funds for trip to volunteer.
Image 4 DonationSupport and Help us to reach out to the Less Privelege and Street Kids and solve some of their problems.